My Story

Hi, my name is Melissa and I would love for you to join me on my journey with Scentsy as a
customer, hostess or maybe as a member of my team. Scentsy has some amazing products and it
just made "scents" to join the company when I love for their products this much. I love this stuff,
so... why not sell it?! There are so awesome people in this company. If you are looking for
something new to do along with your job or looking for a new career, check into Scentsy. Ask me
about joining and I'll help you get started.
I have been married to my husband and best-friend for 12 years now and we have a dog named
Jack and cat named Simba. We don't have any kiddos at the moment, but that could change in the
coming years.
My Scentsy journey started as a customer when I went to a friends car show at her church. They
had lots of great cars outside along with ours. They also had shopping as well. I went inside to get
some BBQ and saw a lady on the other side of the room with all these pretty lights. When I walked
in to get the BBQ, you could smell half BBQ and half Scentsy. I'm not joking. After I got done eating,
I fought myself to go over there and not buy anything because I didn't have much money to spend.
I got done eating and went over there anyway. I'm sure glad I did. I made a new friend (who later
became my Scentsy sponsor when I joined). I told myself to only buy a few bars. I had heard of
Scentsy, but never had anyone to buy from and I only had one Scentsy warmer and some bars from
a big box store that didn't last that long. This lady explained to me how Scentsy bars last sooooooo
much longer. So I walked away from her table spending about $50 and my house thanked me.